College & Career Kick-Start Program!!


Career & College Kick-Start for Adult Learners

What: Led by an EOC instructor, learners will have the opportunity to work with peers or individually, to brush up on math and reading skills needed in todays workplace, or for entrance into higher education institutions. With the help of EOC, learners can sharpen these necessary skills which might not have been used in a while.

Course material will include:

  • Preparing for apprenticeship/workplace tests.
  • Learning test taking strategies.
  • Becoming familiar with a test-taking environment and expectations.
  • Preparing for college/various entrance exams via math and reading skill strengthening.

When: Two 60-minute classes each week starting in June!


Hazleton: Lackawanna College

Wilkes-Barre: PA Careerink

Scranton: PA Careerlink

Hawley: Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance

*Please Note: Program material and time offerings can be altered to accommodate specific needs.


To register:

EOC Inc.: 570-331-6755

For more details or questions

Program Director: Aleni Mackarey

570-407-0764 | aleni@eocinc.org


Would you like to offer this at your facility? Please call-always looking for more host sites!

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